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    • Future of Augmented Reality 

      Vizyr, Vladyslav; Mishyn, Hlib; Martynenko, A. A.; Zuyenok, I. I. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
      Today virtual reality is very popular, but it is used mostly for entertainment. In future augmented reality referred to as the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time will be the ...
    • Virtual Reality in Construction 

      Solonenko, Volodymyr; Gapeev, S.M.; Zuyenok, I.І. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
      Virtual Reality (VR) has a long history of its development, but it was popularized in 2016 with a boom of various VR-rigs (headsets, glasses, controllers). The work of VR is to create the illusion of being ...