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  • Cryptocurrency 

    Zavorin, Ivan; Solonovich, Anton; Meshkov, V. I.; Ivanchenko, I. A. (Видавництво НГУ / I. Zavorin, A. Solonovich, V. I. Meshkov, I. A. Ivanchenko // Розширюючи обрії [Електронний ресурс]. Т. 2. - 2017. - Р. 167., 2017)
  • The Advantages And Purpose Of Expert Systems 

    Yankovskiy, Dmitriy; Kirichenko, V. E.; Ivanchenko, I. A. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
  • Future of Augmented Reality 

    Vizyr, Vladyslav; Mishyn, Hlib; Martynenko, A. A.; Zuyenok, I. I. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    Today virtual reality is very popular, but it is used mostly for entertainment. In future augmented reality referred to as the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time will be the ...
  • IoT Botnets Analysis 

    Veryha, Kateryna; Dushenok, M. S.; Golubova, I. A. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    A botnet is a set of connected devices which have been infected with malware that allows an attacker to gain remote control and coordinate their actions. Attackers most commonly use their botnets to launch DDoS ...
  • Artificial neural networks 

    Teslenko, Svyatoslav; Korotenko, L.M.; Nechai, N.M. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    Nowadays we are living in the age of computers, and we are systematically making our way to creating artificial intelligence. In addition, one of possible directions to make AI come true is to ...
  • Cybersecurity Development Problems in Ukraine 

    Taranenko, Andrey; Mieshkov, V. I.; Nechai, N. M. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    To date, the problem of cybersecurity is topical. Every day, each of us is faced with the need to use information technology, beginning with the placement of personal information on the Internet, to the use ...
  • Non-dominated Alternatives Method for Choosing the Type of Restaurant Business 

    Suima, Inna; Homyak, N. V.; Kostryska, S. I. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    There are many different urgent challenges that we encounter every day including nutrition issues. Opening a restaurant business will solve this issue at once. According to the state standards restaurant ...
  • Cyberbullying 

    Stetsyuk, Dar’ya; Gerasina, A.V.; Zuyenok, I. І. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    Innovative communication technologies have changed in our lives crucially. An easy platform for communication between people from different parts of the world has appeared, which is known as the ...
  • The role of Information Technology in Education 

    Stativa, Bogdan; Mishkov, V. I.; Zabolotnikova, V. V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    Education and study are vital processes in everyday life. From the first birthday to the last day a person learns every day. We are taught by our parents, people around us, nature, and circumstances. Education gives ...
  • Virtual Reality in Construction 

    Solonenko, Volodymyr; Gapeev, S.M.; Zuyenok, I.І. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    Virtual Reality (VR) has a long history of its development, but it was popularized in 2016 with a boom of various VR-rigs (headsets, glasses, controllers). The work of VR is to create the illusion of being ...
  • Security Measures Against Hackers 

    Samoilenko, Roman; Mieshkov, V.I.; Gubkina, V.V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    The twenty-first century covered us with an invisible net. Almost all of us have smartphones, computers, even glasses and watches with Internet access. On one hand it is very comfortable because we can buy, talk, play ...
  • Cyberbullying 

    Rozhko, Anton; Mieschkov, V.I.; Gubkina, V.V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    In modern society we are increasingly faced with the phenomenon of cyber bullying, also known as cyber mobbing, and online mobbing. In a broad sense, persecution is the systematic, repeated for a long time bullying, ...
  • Augmented Reality and its Integration into our Lives 

    Puchkov, Alexey; Meshkov, V.I.; Ivanchenko, I.A.; Frolov, Danil (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
    Augmented reality is a technology that allows for virtual objects to be placed in the real world in real-time, enhancing our information about the world around us. Augmented reality glasses are worn in the same way as ...
  • Main Advantages of Applying Thermal Power Stations 

    Shevchenko, Vitaliy; Mamaykin, A. R.; Gubkina, V. V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
  • Composite materials and rubber for highway construction 

    Shcherbyna, Dmytro; Volkova, V. E.; Zuyenok, I. I. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
  • Microbiologic Technique for Mine Methane Reuse 

    Shakhrai, Maksym; Yavorska, A. V.; Tykhonenko, V. V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
  • Prospects of Development of the Oil Industry Under Fierce Conditions of Competition 

    Sapunova, Olena; Malashkevich, D. S.; Gubkina, V. V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
  • Main Concept of Applying Underground Coal Gasification 

    Salli, Volodymyr; Falshtynskii, V. S.; Gubkina, V. V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
  • Coal Industry of the USA: Main Problems and Ways of Solution 

    Puchkova, Alexandra; Malashkevich, D. S.; Gubkina, V. V. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)
  • Theoretical Prerequisites for the Creation of a Dynamic Model of the Process of Displacement of the Earth's Surface 

    Ponomarenko, Diana; Nazarenko, V. A.; Isakova, M. L. (Видавництво НГУ, 2017)

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