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    • Kanaka is the place of healthy lifestyle 

      Dzhaniashvili, L. A.; Polyashov, A. S.; Schulika, K. A.; Nesterova, O. Y. (2013)
      The general problem for the South Coast of Crimea (hereinafter – SCC) is supply of fresh water to inhabited localities. That is why all issues concerning formation, transportation, accumulation and consumption ...
    • Using temporary water to resupply fresh water (on example Kanaka SCC) 

      Sinchuk, E. V.; Polyashov, A. S.; Поляшов, А. С.; Pavlova, A. S.; Павлова, А. С.; Nesterova, O. Y.; Нестерова, О. Ю. (2013)
      In boarding houses, located at the mouth of the Kanaka beam (SCC), the problem of provision with fresh drinking water worsened. So far, the provision with drinking water was carried out with water wells from ...