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dc.contributor.authorКоровяка, Євгеній
dc.contributor.authorРасцвєтаєв, Валерій
dc.contributor.authorДмитрук, Олена
dc.contributor.authorТихоненко, Валерія
dc.description.abstractProspects for recovery and use of biogas from solid domestic waste landfills in Dnipropetrovsk region have been considered. Scientific sources have been analyzed. The world practices to use biogas from solid domestic waste landfills have been estimated. Gas volume released has been studied. Methane released by solid domestic waste landfills may be used effectively as automobile fuel, electric powers and heat depending upon location of the landfills as for business infrastructure. Methane utilization will make it possible to solve a problem of improving the safety of solid domestic waste landfills in terms of environment. Scientific substantiation of technological solutions concerning recovery of methane from solid domestic waste landfills is impossible without involving dependences which determine total volume of landfill gas being released. That will help perform feasibility evaluation as for projects to use landfill gas. Practical proposals concerning the selection and substantiation of priorities to use methane released by solid domestic waste landfills have been made. In particular, operation schedule for specific conditions of Ihren landfill located in Dnipropetrovsk region has been proposed.ru_RU
dc.publisherMechanics, Materials Science & Engineeringru_RU
dc.subjectbiogas, solid domestic waste landfills, regeneration, a well, recovery, use of methane, environmental safetyru_RU
dc.titleProspects to Use Biogas of Refuse Dams of Dnipropetrovsk Region (Ukraine) as Alternative Energy Carrierru_RU

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