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    • Hierarchical heterogenity of populations: modeling by the open Eigen hypercycle 

      Чернышенко, Всеволод Сергеевич; Чернышенко, Сергей Викторович; Белозеров, В.Е. (European council for modelling and simulation, Digitaldruck Pirrot GmbH, 2012-05-29)
      The case of a biological population, which consists of sev-eral sub-populations (different kinds of the population ”so-cial” groups: families, bevies, etc.), has been considered. For description of non-trivial interactions ...
    • Hydrocarbonic flame, burning at low pressure, within electric field 

      Барташевская, Л. И.; Зайцев, А. С.; Морозова, Т. В.; Барташевська, Л. І.; Bartashevska L. I.; Zaicev A. S.; Morozova T. V. (2017)
      Рассмотрены результаты экспериментов, приведенных с ацетилено-кислородными пламенами на встречных струях, горящими при давлении 250-300 Па без воздействия электрического поля и с наложением электрического поля. ...
    • Improvement of filling systems for deep ore mine depth 

      Khomenko, O.; Lyashenko, V. (Mine surveying and subsurface use, 2018)
      Purpose of study – improvement of filling systems for deep ore mine depth.The studies have been undertaken for improvement of filling systems for deep ore mine depth and with purpose to increase the safety level of subsoil ...
    • Improvement of the mine technical safety for the underground workings 

      Khomenko, O. E.; Lyashenko, V. I. (2019)
      The main scientific and practical results of studies related to mine technical safety improvement for the underground workings based on the processes of structuring the massif under the conditions of rocks zonal disintegration ...

      Yermoshkina, Olena (2013)
      The basic in changes ranking of national universities in the global educational space were defined, the major directions for development of educational services and academic achievements to ensure growth in ranking were ...

      Дриженко, Анатолій Юрійович; Дриженко, Анатолий Юрьевич; Дриженко, А.Ю.; Dryzhenko, A.Yu.; Шустов, Олександр Олександрович; Шустов, Александр Александрович; Шустов, О.О.; Shustov, O.O.; Адамчук, Андрій Андрійович; Адамчук, Андрей Андреевич; Адамчук, А.А.; Adamchuk, A.A. (Sofia: Publishing House “St.Ivan Rilski”, 2018)
      Subject of the research is open-pit mining concerning a full- field industrial development of a number of lignite deposits; feasibility study has been performed for them as for the efficient environmental friendly processing ...
    • Increase in safety of ores extraction on the basis of geoenergy use 

      Khomenko, O. E.; Lyashenko, V. I. (Occupational Safety in Industry, 2017)
      Classification of research methods of the stressed-deformed state of rocks by the development and introduction of synergy group of methods including entropy, thermodynamic and energy approaches is improved. Processes of ...
    • Increase of ores mining safety based on combined backfilling of mining chambers space 

      Lyashenko, V. I.; Khomenko, O. E.; Dudcheko, A. Kh. (Byulleten Chernaya metallurgiya, 2018)
      Main research and practical results presented devoted to increase of ores mining safety, based on combined backfilling of mining space. An actuality of the solid stowing usage for backfilling of stoped excavation space ...
    • Increasing ecological safety during underground mining of iron-ore deposits 

      Khomenko, O.Ye; Kononenko, M.M; Myronova, I.G; Sudakov, A.K (Національний гірничий університет, 2018)
      Purpose. To create the technology increasing the level of ecological safety of underground mining of iron ores by means of decreasing the number of harmful substances released into the atmosphere. Methodology. Laboratory ...
    • Information structures and composition management in higher education institutions of Ukraine 

      Приходченко, Сергей Дмитриевич; Чернышенко, Всеволод Сергеевич; Лоза, Таисия (Sumy State University, 2013-05)
      Present paper focuses on organizational structures functioning of higher education institutions, as well as information systems, optimizing and automating sucha functionality. A similar analysis of universities is an ...
    • Innovative methods of teaching and harmonization of educational standards in the sphere of computing 

      Алексеев, Михаил Александрович; Чернышенко, Всеволод Сергеевич; Лоза, Таисия (Sumy State University, 2013-05)
      Competence-based approach to education (unlike traditional qualification) reflects requirements not only to the content of education, but also to a behavioral component. Recommendations about drawing up curricula for ...
    • Innovative prospects for domestic waste utilization in underground gasifiers 

      Saik, P; Lozynskyi, V; Cabana, E.C (КНУ, 2017)
    • Innovative solutions of the underground exploitation of coal deposits 

      Khorolskyi, A.; Hrinov, V.; Mamaikin, O. (2019)
      The article offers the development of a tool to estimate the state of operation schedules of coal mines relying upon the analysis of actual state of an operation schedule taking into consideration hierarchic connections ...

      Shvets, O.D. (Збірник Мовна підготовка фахівців України в новому тисячолітті: проблеми та шляхи їх вирішення: Збірка Тез. Доп. Міжнародного Наук.- практ. Семінару,Дніпропетровськ, Національний гірничий університет, 2011-10-13)
    • Integrated assessment of the environmental hazard level of technologies of drilling and blasting operations with using emulsion explosives in quarries 

      Kolesnik, V.; Pavlychenko, A.; Kholodenko, T. (2018)
      Purpose. Adaptation of the “unified method of quantitative and qualitative assessment of the level of environmental hazard of the operation of industrial enterprises, facilities and introduced technologies in the field of ...
    • Justification of design para-meters of compact load-haul dumper to mine narrow vein heavy pitching deposits 

      Коровяка, Євгеній Анатолійович; Ширин, Леонід Никифорович; Токар (Balkema, 2011)
      Consideration of loading unit performance within the system “Rock mass - load-haul equipment - stowing mass” justification of its design parameters covers to mine narrow vein heavy pitching deposits. To intensify the ...
    • Justification of the rational parameters of chambers of the third stage extraction while underground iron ore mining 

      Zubko, S.; Kononenko, M.; Petlovanyi, M. (2015)
      The width of stope chamber of third stage mining in contact with week rocks of hanging wall is justified. The calculation technique of mining methods with backfilling is improved.
    • Key competences at the English lessons 

      Zaika, L.A. (Materiály IX mezinárodní vědecko - praktická konference «Zprávy vědecké ideje– 2013». - Díl 14. Filologické vědy: Praha. Publishing House «Education and Science» s.r.o - 104 stran, 2013-10-27)

      Sai, K; Petlovanyi, M; Prokopenko, K (2019)
      The research is aimed at revealing the theoretical features of the kinetics of the process of dissociation of natural gas hydrates, the accounting of which is useful in designing technologies for their development. The ...