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    • Development of composition of cementing slurry for fastening of low-cemented rocks 

      Kondrat, Roman; Dremliukh, Natalia; Khaidarova, Liliya (Dnipro University of Technology, 2021-06-30)
      Purpose. Improving the producing capacity and ensuring the stable operation of gas wells that develop unstable, lowcemented reservoirs by preventing the sand entry from the reservoir by means of creating the cement stone ...
    • Evolution of cracks in selvedge of the coal bed during its stationary working 

      Feldman, E; Kalugina, N; Chesnokova, O (National Mining University, 2017-06-30)
      Purpose. To study rupturing of the coal/rock seam selvedge by natural gas-filled cracks as phenomena that prepare and initiate sudden outbursts of coal, rock, and gas during the steady movement of the face. Methods. The ...