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      ABC-Analyse, Strukturierungsinstrument, Lagerbestandscontrolling [1]
      Automatisierte Wasseraufbereitungsanlage, Schwimmbecken [1]
      Bedürfnispyramide, Marketinggrundlage [1]
      Cognitive linguistics, foreign language teaching, “Bilingual” teaching [1]
      Economy, environment, sustainable development [1]
      Elektroenergietechnik, Elektrotechnik, Elektromechanik [1]
      Entwicklung, Bergbaus, Probleme [1]
      Entwicklung, Robotik, Zeit [1]
      Environmental Protection, Cadmium Contamination, Vegetation Tests [1]
      Environmental Protection, Disposal, Treatment, Recycling, Medical Waste [1]
      Environmental Protection, Dominant Species of Vegetation, Coal Mine Dumps [1]
      Environmental Protection, Gabions, Phytogabions, Geotechnical and Environmental Design [1]
      Environmental Protection, industrial waste, utilization, waste-processing plant, Japanese experience [1]
      Environmental Protection, Mercury Contamination, Vegetation Tests [1]
      Environmental Protection, Recycling Plastic, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, plastic decomposition [1]
      Environmental Protection, Water Management Complex, Dnipropetrovsk Region, Pollution [1]
      Etudes, Biota Ediacarien [1]
      Fossil and Renewable Fuels, Energy System, energy security [1]
      Hybridization, Domestic Car "Sens", front-wheel-drive cars, internal-combustion engine [1]
      Innovative Management, business, off-season, crisis [1]
      Innovative Management, Candle problem, intrinsic motivation [1]
      Innovative Management, cargo delivery, factors [1]
      Innovative Management, freight transport, logistics, improvement, Ukraine, Belgium [1]
      Innovative Management, Gender Diversity, innovation, success [1]
      Innovative Management, inventory management, economic size of order [1]
      Innovative Management, Investment, project realization [1]
      Innovative Management, Land boundaries, inconsistency, solutions [1]
      Innovative Management, logistics, economic efficiency [1]
      Innovative Management, Marketing Strategy, Enterprise Management [1]
      Innovative Management, Project Management, Developing Countries [1]
      Innovative Management, Project Management, Neural Networks [1]
      Innovative Management, Qualified Staff, Management, Shortage [1]
      Innovative Management, Quality Control, performance, reliability, durability [1]
      Innovative Management, reliability, product quality, operational product quality management [1]
      Innovative Management, Risk Management, Controlling [1]
      Innovative Management, Search engine optimization, attracting customers [1]
      Innovative Management, Supply Chain, single logistics center [1]
      Innovative Management, warehousing, logistics [1]
      Innovative Management. Gender differences, leadership styles [1]
      Land Reclamation, Recultivation, Areas damaged by excavation [1]
      Legal Issues, Administrative Stage, Extradition Proceedings, Extradition Act 2003 [1]
      Legal Issues, Anonymity, Internet, privacy [1]
      Legal Issues, Artificial Intelligence, Perils [1]
      Legal Issues, Confidential Information, Unauthorized Users, protection [1]
      Legal Issues, Cyber crime, Ukrainian economy, cybercriminal [1]
      Legal Issues, Electronic Digital Signature, Protecting Documents [1]
      Legal Issues, Social Engineering, Information Security, human attacks [1]
      Linguistics, literary prose, Translating, literal translation [1]
      Linguistics, Symbolic Meanings, Phytonyms, culture [1]
      Lithostratigraphie, sédimentologie, le bassin de Podolya [1]
      MATLAB, Simulink [1]
      méthodes complexes, géophysique [1]
      Modern Economics, Behavioral Economics, economic decisions of individuals [1]
      Modern Economics, Bitcoin, Opportunities and Threats [1]
      Modern Economics, Business, Change management [1]
      Modern Economics, competition, market conditions, competitive recovery [1]
      Modern Economics, Cultural Environment, International Business, challenge for the manager: [1]
      Modern Economics, diversification of production, non-target products [1]
      Modern Economics, Financial Security, financial stability [1]
      Modern Economics, Profitability Analysis, profit [1]
      Modern Economics, Shadow economy, legalization, punishment [1]
      Modern Economics, Shadow economy, overcoming, corruption [1]
      Modern Economics, small business, GPD, Ukrainian economy [1]
      Modern Economics, Tax on entrepreneurship, average tax rate, national economy [1]
      Modern Economics, Trade and economic relations, Ukraine, Lithuania, [1]
      Modern Economics, Ukrainian economy, Challenges, discrepancy of needs and opportunities [1]
      problèmes environnementaux, solutions [1]
      Risikos, Gefahren, Wirtschaft [1]
      Social Studies, DevOps Culture, IT Education, Agile [1]
      Social Studies, Education, BYOD (bring your own devices), internationalization strategies [1]
      Social Studies, Education, Social Networks [1]
      Social Studies, Education, Testing, Open-type tests, Independent External Evaluation (ЗНО) [1]
      Social Studies, Educational Process, Actual Design Solutions, Scientific Activities [1]
      Social Studies, Educational Process, Higher School, Methodical Basis [1]
      Social Studies, New Knowledge, Social and Corporate Culture, Erasmus+ Programs [1]
      Social Studies, Quality Education, quality learning environment [1]
      Social Studies, social importance of cyber security, unauthorized access [1]
      technologische Prozess, Werkstücks [1]