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    • Applying European approach to predict coal self-heating in Ukrainian mines 

      Gamiy, Yu; Liashok, Ya; Kostenko, V; Zavialova, O; Kostenko, T; Kostyrka, O (National Mining University, 2019-03-30)
      Purpose is the prediction of coal self-heating and determination of the factors effecting the dynamics of emission of tracer gases (TG) used for routine control of coal self-heating within the production unit involving ...
    • Mitigating the adverse environmental impact resulting from closing down of mining enterprises 

      Kostenko, V; Zavialova, O; Chepak, O; Pokalyuk, V (National Mining University, 2018-09-30)
      Purpose is to mitigate the adverse environmental impact in the context of both territory and water resources while closing down of mining enterprises. Methods. Experiments and laboratory studies were carried out to determine ...