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    • Mathematical modeling of tight roof periodical falling 

      Prykhodko, Vira; Ulanova, Nataliia; Haidai, Oleksandr; Klymenko, Dina (2018)
      The paper proposes a method to determine of a coal seam roof falling step basing upon the analysis of stress and strain state of the rock mass area with mine workings formed as a result of coal preparatory and extraction ...
    • Methodology of researching the process of obtaining composite fuel from coal processing waste 

      Pavlychenko, Artem; Haidai, Oleksandr; Firsova, Valeriia; Lampika, Tetiana (Видавництво НТУ «ДП», 2020)
      In solving the problem of developing coal preparation wastes in the production of composite fuels, such as coal sludge and braize, reliable knowledge about various physical and mechanical characteristics of waste is important ...