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    • Research into technology of fastening the mine workings in the conditions of unstable masses 

      Matayev, Azamat; Abdiev, Arstanbek; Kydrashov, Adilzhan; Musin, Aibek; Khvatina, Natalia; Kaumetova, Dinara (Dnipro University of Technology, 2021-09-30)
      Purpose. Determination of the rock stability along the strike of the mass, where the drift mining of the horizon -480 m is conducted, considering the possibility of using the improved types of supports in the conditions ...
    • Studying a correlation between characteristics of rock and their conditions 

      Abdiev, Arstanbek; Mambetova, Rakhat; Abdiev, Aziz; Abdiev, Sher (National Mining University, 2020-09-30)
      Purpose is to determine dependences of velocities of elastic waves in isotropic rocks and anisotropic waves with orthotropic and transverse-isotropic symmetry upon pressure and depth to develop evaluation criteria and ...