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      Yermoshkina, Olena (2012)
      On the basis of comparative analysis of the results of economic, production and environ- mental activity and indexes that testify the quality of life in context of environment of European countries the main trends of ...
    • Effect of mechanoactivated chemical additives on the process of gas hydrate formation 

      Bondarenko, V; Svietkina, O; Sai, K (2018-02)
      This study addresses the production of gas hydrate of methane with a high gas-hydrate-forming content in a solid phase in the isolated system at T=274 K and pressure of 5 MPa and presence of mechanically activated rocks ...
    • Effective response to student’s paper 

      Gubkina, V.V. (Матеріали Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції,Національний гірничий університет, 2011)

      Kostritskaya, S.I.; Shvets, O.D. (1-й международный научно-методический семинар «К трансферу научно-образовательных инновационных технологий через полиязычие», Казахский агротехнический университет имени С.Сейфуллина, 2013)
    • Effectiveness of Geo-Energy Usage during Underground Mining of Deposits 

      Khomenko, Oleh; Kononenko, Maxim; Astafiev, Denys (2017)
      Topicality of rock pressure energy usage in technologies of underground mining of deposits is revealed. Methodology of geo-energy processes research in the interior of the Earth is described. Energy theory of zonal ...
    • Energy Efficiency and Economic Aspects of Mining Wastes Utilization within the Closed Cycle of Underground Gas Generator 

      PIVNYAK, Gennadiy; DYCHKOVSKYI, Roman; FALSHTYNSKYI, Volodymyr; CABANA, Edgar Cáceres (Trans Tech Publications, 2017-11)
      Energy efficiency of coal gasification with possible utilization of mining wastes within ecologically closed gas generator cycle has been considered. Technical and technological performance of such gas generator and ...

      Umanez, T.D. (Nationale Bergbauuniversität Dnipropetrowsk, 2013)
    • Establishing a cross-cultural awareness at business foreign language courses 

      Gubkina, V.V.; Morozova, T.I. (Матеріали III Міжнародної наукової конференції “Навчання загальновживаної та ділової англійської мови у Східній Європі : для чого та як?”, Дніпропетровський університет економіки та права, 2009)
    • Experimental results of demagnetized magnetite classification 

      Berezniak, O.; Berezniak, O.; Almeida, A.; Березняк, О.О.; Алмейда, Аугушто; Березняк, Олександр Олександрович (2013)
      The paper presents experimental results of the classification of a magnetized and demagnetized suspension of magnetite concentrate and shows a high degree of its demagnetization in a pulsed mode.
    • Experimental studies of crossing the disjunctive geological faults with underground gasifier 

      Lozynskyi, Vasyl; Saik, Pavlo (Central Mining Institute, 2015)

      Dotsenko, Elena (2013-12-22)
      The article highlighted the basic problem of financing innovation development in Ukraine and discussed the types of financial resources that can promote innovation, and give reasons for lack of budget funding. Due to ...
    • Financing the Investment Projects in Regions in globalization 

      Liudmyla Solianyk (2013-09-15)
      The urgent problems of financing the investment strategy in the regions of Ukraine are examined in globalization. The directions of further development of the investment resources mobilization system and their management ...
    • Formation of gas hydrates while mine methane extracting and possible methods of the problem solving 

      Коровяка, Євгеній Анатолійович; Ширін, Леонід Никифорович; Астахов, Віталій Сергійович (Balkema, 2010)
      The paper supposes that in some cases formation of gas hydrates can become one of the most important problems while mine methane extracting. On the assumption of studying methods aimed at hydrate control there are ...
    • Formation of thermal fields by the energy-chemical complex of coal gasification 

      Falshtynskyi, V.S; Dychkovskyi, R.O; Saik, P.B; Lozynskyi, V.H; Cáceres Cabana, E (Національний гірничий університет, 2017-10-30)
      Purpose. The objective is to generate thermal energy from basic segments of the energy-chemical complex formed on the basis of borehole underground coal gasification with determination of its operation modes. Methodology. ...
    • Forming peculiarities and manifestation of tectonic faults in soft rocks 

      Халимендик, Юрий Михайлович; Чемакина, Марина Владимировна (Deutscher Markshcheider-Verein e. V. [DMV] und Institut fur Markscheidewesen, Bergchadenkund und Geophysik im Bergbau [IFM], RWTH Aachen University, 2013-09)
      Features of distribution of tectonic structures in soft rocks confirm the presence of horizontal tectonic forces in the formation of faults and are based on the manifestation of their morphological features. Linear dependences ...
    • Gas hydrate production from generator gas at underground coal gasification 

      Saik, P.B; Petlovanyi, M.V; Lozynskyi, V.H; Sai, K.S (Baltija Publishing (European Network for Academic Integrity), 2018)
    • Geo-energetics of Ukrainian crystalline shield 

      Khomenko, O. Ye.; Kononenko, M. M. (2019)
      Purpose. To develop an analytical method which allows investigating the energy condition of rocks within the Ukrainian Crystalline shield. Methodology. Analytical research on the energy condition of rocks has been conducted ...
    • Geodynamic safety when increasing the depth of underground mining of ore deposits 

      Khomenko, O. E.; Khomenko, O.; Хоменко, О. Е.; Lyashenko, V. I.; Lyashenko, V.; Ляшенко, В. И. (МГТУ, 2018)
      Statement of the problem (relevance of the paper): the paper describes main scientific and practical results of studies on increasing geodynamic safety, while increasing the depth of underground mining of ore deposits, ...
    • Geotechnical Parameters for Explotation Hydrogenous Uranium Deposits in Mongolia 

      Bilegsaikhan, J; Bat-Ochir, B; Khomenko, О.Ye; Lkhagva, Ts (2014)
      The parameters of the opening for explotation hydrogenic uranium deposits in Mongolia and recommendations on the technology for their development.

      Yermoshkina, Olena (2013)
      On the basis of comparative analysis of the basic groups of national economic indicators, provided by The World Bank, the changes in balance in financial resources distribution are defined. The gradual shifting of center ...