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    • Evaluation of open pit slope stability using various slope angles and element types 

      Abdellah, W; Beblawy, M; Mohamed, M (National Mining University, 2018-06-30)
      Purpose. The objective of this study is to demonstrate a method to select the optimal slope angle related to three principal factors: safety, productivity and mining costs. Also, it aims to investigate the accuracy of ...
    • Factors influencing the flooding process of former coal open-pits 

      Lazar, Maria; Apostu, Izabela-Maria; Faur, Florin; Rotunjanu, Ilie (Dnipro University of Technology, 2021-06-30)
      Purpose. This study aims to identify the main factors that influence the flooding process of the remaining gaps of open-pits comprising essentially the velocity and duration of flooding, but also the stability of in situ ...
    • Stability assessment of the slopes and side-hills with account of the excess pressure in the pore liquid 

      Shapoval, Volodymyr; Shashenko, Oleksandr; Hapieiev, Serhii; Khalymendyk, Oleksii; Andrieiev, Volodymyr (National Mining University, 2020-03-30)
      Purpose. The strength criteria substantiation of water-saturated soils and mine rocks, which make it possible to obtain the analytical solutions necessary for determining the stability of water-flooded soil slopes and ...